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We specialize in home and business computer PC's, laptops, workstations, servers, network systems, peripherals, and accessories. Whether you are experiencing difficulties in need of repair and/or upgrades or just looking for supplies, we can assist you with our over 30+ years of experience in the computer field. We look forward to working with you!

Please contact us by email so that we may assist you. Thank You!


If you were directed here for Starlite Computer Consulting remote support, please follow the instructions below (note: nothing is being installed on your computer system, but you may need to confirm "Run" permissions multiple times depending on your current system configuration. Please click the "Start" button when directed by our staff)

Starting Starlite Remote Helpdesk (Windows version)

Note: When you run remote control software from our web site, you may get the following security warning message:

"Warning: The authenticity of this content cannot be verified, therefore it cannot be trusted...."

Solutions: Do any of the following:

1. Ignore the message and continue downloading the file. There is nothing wrong with the file, so you can download it and run it as expected.

2. Download the file using a Web browser that does not use Authenticode verification (e.g., Netscape Navigator or Opera).
Save the file to your hard disk, and launch it manually.

Most Internet Explorer Users
Please click <here> and select "run" to use the Remote Helpdesk.

Most Netscape, Opera, Firefox, and other Browser Users
Please click <here> to download the Remote Helpdesk to a local directory or your Desktop and start the application from the saved file.

By Email
If for some reason you cannot download the application, please advise us by email and we will send the Remote Helpdesk to you in a zip file. When received, please unzip and start Remote Helpdesk.

Thank You!